Education Savings Guide

Applying to Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for your Children's Post- Secondary Education


Are you planning to secure your children's post-secondary education? Well, you have to be wise enough and do something efficient to make it happen. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a special program which helps you to save and invest money for your children's education especially after their secondary school.  This program also helps to make your children's education much easier for them since they are being financially assisted to support their tuition fees and to meet their different school requirements.


In this special canada education savings grant program, there are actually two main plans to select--the Individual Plan and the Family Plan. In the Individual Plan, only one person can benefit the program, however, anyone can give a contribution to his or her account up to 31 years after its engagement. Moreover, the beneficiary of this plan can be of any age. Also, the subscriber does not need to pay the minimum deposit for this account. And if the beneficiary has decided to stop his or her education, the subscriber or the beneficiary has the right to name or to transfer the account to another one beneficiary.


On the other hand, the global resp corporation Family Plan can have one or more beneficiaries. However, the beneficiaries must be related by blood or by legal adoption to the subscriber. Unlike the Individual Plan, the beneficiaries of this plan must be under 21 years of age (at the time of engagement to program) and that the contributions must to be continued until the beneficiary reaches 31 years of age.


As a parent, it is imperative to secure your children's future. You can rely on Registered Education Savings Plan for this. As a matter of fact, there are actually many existing RESP providers or promoters in Canada you can choose from. If you really want to open a savings plan for your child's or children's education, you just need to follow these three basic steps: first, you must need to get the beneficiary a Social Insurance Number (SIN); second, you have to decide which plan to choose (Individual Plan or Family Plan); and finally, you have to get applications to any RESP of your choice and ask for someone from the company to assist you with that.

Applying to Registered Education Savings Plan is just easy. Engage to this special program now and make your children's post-secondary education undoubtedly secured. To know more about education, visit this website at